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Life in Christ


a catechesis of the beatitudes,

for the way of Christ is summed up

in the beatitudes, the only path that leads to the eternal beatitude

for which the human heart longs;

a catechesis of sin and forgiveness,

for unless man acknowledges

that he is a sinner he cannot know the truth about himself, which

is a condition for acting justly; and without the offer of forgiveness

he would not be able to bear this truth;

a catechesis of the human virtues

which causes one to grasp the

beauty and attraction of right dispositions towards goodness;

a catechesis of the Christian virtues

of faith, hope, and charity,

generously inspired by the example of the saints;

a catechesis of the twofold commandment of charity

set forth in the


an ecclesial catechesis,

for it is through the manifold exchanges of

“spiritual goods” in the “communion of saints” that Christian life

can grow, develop, and be communicated.


The first and last point of reference of this catechesis will

always be Jesus Christ himself, who is “the way, and the truth, and

the life.”


It is by looking to him in faith that Christ’s faithful can

hope that he himself fulfills his promises in them, and that, by

loving himwith the same love with which he has loved them, they

may perform works in keeping with their dignity:

I ask you to consider that our Lord Jesus Christ is your true

head, and that you are one of his members. He belongs to

you as the head belongs to its members; all that is his is yours:

his spirit, his heart, his body and soul, and all his faculties.

You must make use of all these as of your own, to serve,

praise, love, and glorify God. You belong to him, as members

belong to their head. And so he longs for you to use all that

is in you, as if it were his own, for the service and glory of

the Father.


For to me, to live is Christ.





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