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purification in purgatory for

achieving, 1030

state of original holiness and sin, 375,


See also


Holy Orders, sacrament of

, 1536

Christ as the Minister of, 1575

and consecration, 1538

degrees of, 1593

goals and significance of, 1120, 1534,


God’s call to the ordained ministry,


manifestation of, 1142

meaning of words, 1537‑38

one of the seven sacraments, 1113, 1210

prefiguring of, 1541

presence of Christ in, 1548‑50

as the way of transmission of apostolic

succession, 1087

See also

Ministry; Sacrament(s)

celebration of the sacrament of Holy


bishop as minister of, 1576

place and time of, 1572

rites of celebrations of the three

degrees, 1573‑74

signs of consecration, 1538

effects of the sacrament of Holy Orders

acting in the person of Christ the

Head, 1142, 1548

capacity to act as Christ’s

representative, 1581

configuration to Christ the Priest,


deacons strengthened by

sacramental grace in the

service of the People of God,


grace of strength for the bishop,


grace of strength for the priest, 1587

indelible character of, 1121, 1582‑83

power to forgive sins, 1461

unworthiness of an ordained

minister does not prevent

Christ from acting, 1584

three degrees of the sacrament of Holy

Orders, 1536, 1554


deacon is ordained into the

bishop’s ministry, 1569

indelible character of, 1570

only the bishop lays hands,


See also



consecration confers the offices

of sanctifying, teaching,

and governing, 1558

fullness of the sacrament of,


handing on of the mission of

the apostles, 1556

intervention of the Bishop of

Rome necessary for the

legitimate ordination of a

bishop, 1559

See also



anointing, 1563

handing on of the ministry

through the bishops, 1562

indelible character, 1563

ordination in the order of

priesthood, 1568

of priests presupposes the

sacrament of Christian

initiation, 1563

priests share in Christ’s

universal mission, 1565

significance of the mission of

priests, 1564

significance of the promise of

obedience to the bishop,


See also


who may receive the sacrament of

Holy Orders

ability of

a baptized male, 1577

a celibate baptized man (in the

Latin Church), 1579

a man called by God, 1578

discipline in force in the Eastern

Churches, 1580

married permanent deacons, 1579

right to receive holy orders given

to no one, 1578

Holy Spirit

beginning of life in, 1231

blasphemy against, 1864

Christian anointed by, 1241