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“kingship” as, 2816

man’s, 2293, 2415


See also


Christ’s love

charity, the new commandment,


healings, signs of love, 1503

the heart of Christ, measure of His

love for us, 478, 2669

the life of Jesus reveals the mystery

of the Father’s love, 516, 701

the Passion

Christ died out of love for us,


Christ’s sacrifice for the

forgiveness of sins, 545

love extended to all, 605, 616

prayer, adherence to the will of the

love of the Father, 2600

the Church’s love

for the poor, 2444, 2448

for those who are separated, 818

See also


God as revealed love

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the

name of love, 221, 257, 850

“God is love,” 214, 221, 231, 733

heaven, communion of love, 1024

men to be judged according to

love, 1022

God’s love

as the cause for creation, 27, 293,


creation as the first witness to, 315

disposes creatures to their final

purpose, 321

establishes and preserves the

world, 421

as foundation of new life, 735

as fruit of the Holy Spirit, 736,

1832, 2658

God does not forsake His

creatures, 2577

His first gift, 733

for Israel, 219‑20

“jealous” for us, 2737

male and female made in the

image of, 2331

man partakes in the love of the

Trinity, 850

ordains all for the salvation of man,


as a source of prayer, 2658

See also


love of God

the Christian dies to be with God,


embracing celibacy for the, 1599

faith as believing in God’s love,

278, 1064, 2087, 2614

keeping the commandments and

abiding in love, 1824

liturgy, a response of faith and,


loving God as Lord, 2086

prayer, a communion of love in the

Holy Spirit, 2615, 2712

prayer draws everything in the

love by which we are loved in

Christ, 2658

prayer and love, 2709, 2792

prayer without ceasing and fervor

coming from love, 2742

praying about the Kingdom and

cooperating with God’s saving

love, 2633, 2738

“You shall love the Lord your God

with all your heart,” 2055,

2063, 2083, 2093

love of neighbor

of enemies, 2608, 2844

the family at Nazareth, an example

of, 533

as forgiving one’s brother from the

depths of the heart, 2843

inseparable from the love of God,


love for the poor is not compatible

with love of riches, 2445

“Love one another as I have loved

you,” 459, 1337, 1823

“Love thy neighbor,” 1844, 2055,


loving as Christ loved the poor and

his enemies, 1825, 2443

loving God and neighbor as a

summary of the Decalogue,

1822, 2055, 2067, 2069

as praying to the common Father

for all men, 2793

who has turned toward error

regarding the faith, 2104