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of creatures cooperating with God,


equal dignity of a man and a

woman, 2393

manifested in moral life, 1706

requires man to act out of

conscience and free choice, 2339

right to exercise freedom as a

requirement inseparable from,


as the source of human rights, 1930

wounded by sin, 1487

equality and diversity of men

all men have the same nature and

the same origin and end, 1934

diversity of talent, 1936‑37

human dignity as the foundation

of equality, 1935, 1945

unjust inequalities, 1938

in the image and likeness of God

before and after Christ’s

Redemption, 1701

created in God’s image, 225,

356‑61, 1702, 2713

restoration of likeness with God,

705, 2809

man and humanity

mutual need of all men, 361,


origin and common end of

humanity, 842

unity of the human race, 360

man and vocation

call to

enter the Kingdom, 543

eternal life, 1998

form the new people of God,

804, 831

God as the common call of all

men, 1878

life in the Holy Spirit, 1699

love, 1604

marriage, 1603

union with Christ, 521, 542

divine call as the ultimate call, 1260

See also


man in creation

creatures’ interdependence willed

by God, 340

God creates everything for man,


hierarchy of creatures, 342

laws of creation must be respected

by man, 346

man as the only creature worthy to

receive a law from God, 1951

man’s importance in creation, 343,


man’s respect for creatures, 339

man’s responsibility for the world,


original harmony, 374‑79, 384

man as a creature

created by God’s love, 1, 315, 1604

created to know and love God and

to serve Him, 358

endowed with intelligence and free

will, 311, 396

endowed with reason, 1704

made of body and soul, 327, 355,

362‑65, 383

“Male and female he created

them,” 1605, 2203, 2331, 2334

was created good, 374

man’s special features and his ways of


always fighting with evil, 409

comes to a knowledge of God by

knowing nature, 32, 46

desires happiness, 1718

gifted with

freedom as a sign of the divine

image, 1705, 1730

reason and will to seek and

love what is true and

good, 1704

a spiritual and immortal soul,


led naturally toward the truth,


listens to the voice of conscience,

1706, 1713

moved to do good, 1706‑07

in need of divine help and

salvation, 1949, 2090

in need of social life, 1879‑80

perfections resonating something

of the infinite perfection of

God, 370

as a religious being, 28, 44‑45

tending naturally toward the

virtues, 1803‑04

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