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Apostolic Letter

Laetamur Magnopere

Apostolic Constitution

Fidei Depositum

of October 11, 1992, which,

on the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican

Council, accompanied the publication of the first, French-language

text of the


We have all been able to note with pleasure the broad

positive reception and wide dissemination of the


in these

years, especially in the particular Churches, which have had it

translated into their respective languages, thus making it as acces-

sible as possible to the various linguistic communities of the world.

This fact confirms how fitting was the request submitted to me in

1985 by the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops that

a catechism or compendium of all Catholic doctrine regarding faith

and morals be composed.

Drawn up by the special Commission of Cardinals and

Bishops established in 1986, the


was approved and

promulgated by me in the aforementionedApostolic Constitution,

which today retains all its validity and timeliness, and finds its

definitive achievement in this Latin typical edition.

This edition was prepared by an Interdicasterial Commis-

sion which I appointed for this purpose in 1993. Presided over by

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, this Commission worked diligently to

fulfill the mandate it received. It devoted particular attention to a

study of the many suggested changes to the contents of the text,

which in these years had come from around the world and from

various parts of the ecclesial community.

In this regard one can certainly understand that such a

remarkable number of suggested improvements shows the ex-

traordinary interest that the


has raised throughout the

world, even among non–Christians, and confirms its purpose of

being presented as a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine,

enabling everyone to knowwhat the Church professes, celebrates,

lives, and prays in her daily life. At the same time it draws attention

to the eager desire of all to make their contribution so that the

Christian faith, whose essential and necessary elements are sum-

marized in the


can be presented to the people of our day

in the most suitable way possible. Furthermore, this collaboration

of the various members of the Church will once again achieve what

I wrote in the Apostolic Constitution

Fidei Depositum:

“The har­

mony of so many voices truly expresses what could be called the

‘symphony’ of the faith” (no. 2).

For these reasons too, the Commission seriously consid-

ered the suggestions offered, carefully examined them at various

levels and submitted its conclusions for my approval. These

conclusions, insofar as they allow for a better expression of the