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Apostolic Letter

Laetamur Magnopere



’s contents regarding the deposit of the Catholic faith, or

enable certain truths of this faith to be formulated in a way more

suited to the requirements of contemporary catechetical instruc-

tion, have been approved by me and thus have been incorporated

into this Latin typical edition. Therefore it faithfully repeats the

doctrinal content which I officially presented to the Church and to

the world in December 1992.

With today’s promulgation of the Latin typical edition,

therefore, the task of composing the


begun in 1986, is

brought to a close and the desire of the aforementioned Extraordi-

nary Synod of Bishops is happily fulfilled. The Church now has at

her disposal this new, authoritative exposition of the one and

perennial apostolic faith, and it will serve as a “valid and legitimate

instrument for ecclesial communion” and as a “sure norm for

teaching the faith,” as well as a “sure and authentic reference text”

for preparing local catechisms (cf. Apostolic Constitution



no. 4).

Catechesis will find in this genuine, systematic presenta-

tion of the faith and of Catholic doctrine a totally reliable way to

present, with renewed fervor, each and every part of the Christian

message to the people of our time. This text will provide every

catechist with sound help for communicating the one, perennial

deposit of faith within the local Church, while seeking, with the

help of the Holy Spirit, to link the wondrous unity of the Christian

mystery with the varied needs and conditions of those to whom

this message is addressed. All catechetical activity will be able to

experience a new, widespread impetus among the People of God,

if it can properly use and appreciate this post-conciliar


All this seems even more important today with the ap-

proach of the third millennium. For an extraordinary commitment

to evangelization is urgently needed so that everyone can know

and receive the Gospel message and thus grow “to the measure of

the stature of the fullness of Christ” (



I therefore strongly urge my Venerable Brothers in the

Episcopate, for whom the


is primarily intended, to take

the excellent opportunity afforded by the promulgation of this

Latin edition to intensify their efforts to disseminate the text more

widely and to ensure that it is well received as an outstanding gift

for the communities entrusted to them, which will thus be able to

rediscover the inexhaustible riches of the faith.

Through the harmonious and complementary efforts of all

the ranks of the People of God, may this


be known and

shared by everyone, so that the unity in faith whose supreme model