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Covering the Vatican



official statements issued by the Holy See Press Office. It’s sent out a few hours

after the


, but in plenty of time to follow up on a story stateside.

To subscribe in English, go to .

Note that the VIS bulletins are only a rundown; the actual



include additional information.

Keep an eye on

Vatican Radio

( ) fo

r noteworthy

interviews with church officials. If you read Italian, the daily e-mail summary,

including transcripts of the news program, can be informative. Send a request

to if

you want to subscribe. Otherwise, the

English-language home page

( ) ha

s a list

of news and feature stories, though you’ll need to download audio files for

anything other than headlines. Also available on the Web site are general audi-

ences, papal Masses and other Vatican events. If you’re in Rome, tune to FM

93.3 or 105 to catch English news live at 8:30 a.m. and 6:15 p.m., and to FM

93.3 for the English feature program at 9:50 p.m. and again the next morning

at 7 a.m. Both English news and feature broadcasts are also available on the

Web site, and certain clips can be found as podcasts on iTunes.

The Vatican publishes a daily newspaper,

L’Osservatore Romano


Roman Observer). You’ll recognize some information from the


, but

more significant are the various scholarly articles that can serve as glosses on

Vatican statements and church teaching. For example, the paper ran a piece in

2005 that further explained the Congregation for Catholic Education’s instruc-

tion on accepting homosexuals as candidates for the priesthood. In 2006 a

biology professor wrote an article on intelligent design, stating that the theory

was not science. Unfortunately not all the articles are reprinted in the weekly

English edition, which comes out on Wednesdays, and only a few of those

are available on the Vatican’s Web site at eng/index.html . If

you want the whole newspaper, you’ll have to subscribe

to the print edition. As with Vatican Radio, journalists can sign up online for

a daily e-mail, which contains the entire newspaper, but the service is only

available in Italian. For archival material and back issues, send an e-mail to .


, the news agency of the Congregation for the Evangelization of

Peoples, is another handy resource

( ). T

o receive the agency’s

news roundups via e-mail, send a request to . Be


the congregation oversees missionary work, Fides focuses mainly on news out-

side the Vatican, but it does offer some good interviews with Vatican officials

and others. Covering the Beijing Olympics? Get some background by reading