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How to Cover the Catholic Church

USCCB Publishing

, which publishes texts of USCCB statements and

pastoral letters, major papal and Vatican documents, and various other

Catholic resources, such as catechetical and liturgical texts and educa-

tional and ministry resources. Its director is Paul Henderson.

• The

Catholic News Service office of Media Review

, based in New York,

which reviews movies, television programs and DVD releases both on

their artistic merit and on their moral content and rates them for their

suitability for viewing by various age groups. John Mulderig is its assis-

tant director.

• The

Catholic Communication Campaign

, through which the bishops

fund media programming, projects and resources that promote Gospel

values and the pastoral teachings of the Catholic Church. A permanent

subcommittee of the Committee on Communications oversees grant

making, programming and relationships funded at the national level by

the campaign, an annual national collection in Catholic parishes (half of

which stays in the local diocese and half of which goes to national pro-

grams). Helen Osman is chief staff person for the subcommittee.

Catholic News Service

, a financially and editorially independent news

agency established by the bishops in 1920 with print and broadcast sub-

scribers—chiefly diocesan or national Catholic newspapers—in more

than 40 countries. It also publishes


, the major English-language

religious documentary service in the Catholic Church. Tony Spence is its

director and editor in chief.

Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church

Housing several formerly separate USCCB committees or subcommittees

that dealt with pastoral ministry with specific racial, ethnic or other cul-

tural groups, this committee has five permanent subcommittees: on African

American Affairs, on Asian and Pacific Island Affairs, on Hispanic Affairs,

on Native American Affairs, and on Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees and

Travelers. Mar Muñoz-Visoso is the executive director of the USCCB Secretariat

of Cultural Diversity in the Church.

Committee on DivineWorship

Formerly called the Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy, it oversees transla-

tions of Latin liturgical texts and Scripture passages into English, Spanish

and Native American languages (such as Navajo) for use in the United States;

adaptation of liturgical norms and rites to U.S. use; development of original