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Covering the USCCB




The Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development—

formerly called the Department of Social Development and World Peace—

coordinates the work of the USCCB’s domestic and international offices and

serves both the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development

(see above) and this Committee on International Justice and Peace. Jonathan

Reyes is executive director of justice, peace and human development.

Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth

This committee oversees efforts by the bishops to promote marriage and family

life, promote the development of youth and young adults in the church, and

articulate the role of laypeople in the life and mission of the church—including

bringing their faith into the workplace, politics and other areas of civil society.

It also works to understand and advance the place of lay ecclesial ministry in

church life. The committee was formed by merging three former committees—

on the laity, on marriage and family, and on women in society and the church.

The former Committee on the Laity had subcommittees on lay ministry and on

youth and young adults, and the new committee includes the responsibilities of

those former subcommittees as well. The executive secretary of the Secretariat of

Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is Andrew W. Lichtenwalner.

Committee onMigration

This committee advocates more just and humane U.S. immigration policies

and works with and on behalf of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in

the United States, resettling them and providing them with a wide range of

social, educational, financial and other services. The Department of Migration

and Refugee Services, often simply referred to as MRS, is the USCCB staff

agency overseen by the committee. Through its network of diocesan agencies,

MRS has resettled more than 800,000 refugees since 1975, making it the larg-

est U.S. agency in that field.

Committee on National Collections

This committee oversees the promotion and fund raising, but not grant mak-

ing, of three annual national collections held in U.S. Catholic dioceses and

parishes: the Catholic Communication Campaign, The Catholic Relief Services

(CRS) Collection, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

It also oversees the promotion, the fund raising and, through permanent

subcommittees, the grant making of three other national collections: Home