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Covering the USCCB



Committee on Priorities and Plans

For news purposes, this committee too is basically an inside-the-beltway com-

mittee whose decisions and proposals rarely reach the level of general news

interest. It helps the bishops establish goals, objectives and five-year planning

cycles for conference activities and priorities; coordinates the development

of specific initiatives for priority issues; approves proposals of annual plans

related to those goals, objectives and initiatives for presentation to the U.S.

bishops; and on an ongoing basis monitors how all those things are being

implemented. It also oversees the annual job of nominating bishops for com-

mittee chairmanships and conference office posts. The USCCB secretary is

automatically chairman of this committee.

Committee on Budget and Finance

Another inside-the-beltway committee for most news purposes, this com-

mittee reviews all USCCB budget and financial management operations and

develops budget proposals to align budget and operations with conference

priorities and strategic plans.

The USCCB treasurer is automatically chairman of this committee. It

has an Audit Subcommittee that oversees USCCB financial audits, conflict

of interest policies and other policies and practices regarding the ethics and

integrity of overall USCCB management and business practices.


The U.S. Catholic Church has almost innumerable official and unofficial

Catholic organizations and agencies that act on behalf of the church or rep-

resent it or its members, unofficially or in varying degrees of official capacity.

Here is a list of some of the main officially recognized organizations and agen-

cies directly connected to or recognized by the Holy See or the U.S. bishops,

with brief descriptions and contact references.

Heads of Religious Orders

Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM)

Canonically recognized by the Vatican as the U.S. representative agency for

provincials or other major superiors of men’s religious orders in the United

States, CMSM coordinates their activities on public policy and justice and