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How to Cover the Catholic Church

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Formed by the U.S. bishops in 1943 to serve World War II survivors in

Europe, CRS is the official international relief and development agency of the

U.S. Catholic community. With a staff of 5,000 around the globe, it serves

more than 80 million impoverished and disadvantaged people in more than

100 countries. It serves people based solely on need, regardless of their race,

religion or ethnicity, following the Gospel call to work for charity and justice

by alleviating suffering and aiding in the development of people. Its program

areas include emergency relief, HIV and AIDS, health, agriculture, education

and peace building.

The CRS board of directors is chaired by a bishop, and the majority of its

members are bishops. The president is Carolyn Woo. The headquarters is in

Baltimore, Md. Its Internet site, ,

includes contact information for com-

munications personnel in Baltimore and for regional information directors

around the world. The phone number for Paul Eagle, the director of commu-

nications, is 410-951-7361.

National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO)

With offices at the USCCB headquarters, NRRO assists religious communi-

ties that face an aging membership without enough funds to meet their rap-

idly rising living and health care costs. In a 2006 report the office said that

three years earlier, according to an actuarial study, U.S. religious orders had a

gap of $8.7 billion between their retirement investments and their retirement

liabilities, and that the gap would grow to about $20 billion by 2023 if noth-

ing was done.

Besides direct financial grants, the office’s services include helping orders to

develop and administer retirement plans andmake the best use of their resources.

Grants come from a national collection for the needs of aging religious that raises

about $30 million a year. Sponsored jointly by the USCCB, CMSM, LCWR and

CMSWR, the retirement office oversees the collection and distribution of the

funds. Precious Blood Sister Janice B. Bader is executive director of the office.

The phone number is 202-541-3215. The Web site is .

Catholic Legal ImmigrationNetwork, Inc. (CLINIC)

Formed by the USCCB in 1988 as a legally distinct subsidiary, CLINIC is a

nonprofit public interest legal corporation that supports a network of com-

munity-based immigration programs. It has coordinated some of the largest

programs in the nation for asylum, detained immigrants, immigration appeals