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Church, her divine breath, the wind in her sails, the principle of her unity,

the inner source of her light and strength, her support and consoler, her

source of charisms and songs, her peace and her joy, her pledge and prelude

to blessed and eternal life. The Church needs her perennial Pentecost; she

needs fire in her heart, words on her lips, prophecy in her outlook. . . . The

Church needs to rediscover the eagerness, the taste and the certainty of

the truth that is hers.”


With the help of the Holy Spirit, parishes that foster this renewal of

faith and the formation of evangelizers can transform the world. Living as

missionary disciples, therefore, is a way of being Church. The evangeliza-

tion principles offered in this resource can provide pastoral leaders with

ways to respond with new “ardor, expressions, and methods” that will form

and send missionary disciples.