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deeper into an ever-new life of faith. It is fundamental to the work of the

New Evangelization. The goal of the New Evangelization, however, is

always geared toward others. By the work of the Holy Spirit, each baptized

person is continually encountering Christ in the sacraments, especially

the Eucharist, as well as in the Sacred Scriptures and other people. After

reflecting, praying, and experiencing a deep conversion and renewed

confidence in the gospel message, a follower of Christ goes outward to

evangelize others. The evangelized becomes the evangelizer. This involves

outreach to those inactive in their faith, as well as embracing the mission

ad gentes

(to the nations). A community of renewed believers continues to

go outward, ultimately leading to the evangelization of society and culture.

Evangelizing the culture furthermore involves bringing the gift of



(communion) to secularism, relativism, materialism, and individualism.

As Pope Francis teaches, our life of faith calls us to work toward transform-

ing the world. “Faith is truly a good for everyone; it is a common good. Its

light does not simply brighten the interior of the Church, nor does it serve

solely to build an eternal city in the hereafter; it helps us build our societ-

ies in such a way that they can journey toward a future of hope.”


“If it had to be expressed in one sentence the best way of stating it

would be to say that the Church evangelizes when she seeks to convert,

solely though the divine power of the message she proclaims, both the

personal and collective consciences of people, the activities in which they

engage, and the lives and concrete milieu which are theirs.”


The work

of the New Evangelization is done primarily through the witness of faith

by the baptized in their everyday lives. “A Christian life lived with charity

and faith is the most effective form of evangelization.”


We cannot give

what we do not have. Therefore, cultivating a life of faith is essential to

helping others to do so.

The work of the New Evangelization also invites the Church as

a whole to ever-deeper renewal—a call to move from maintenance to



As Pope Francis teaches, “Whenever we make the effort to

return to the source and to recover the original freshness of the Gospel,

new avenues arise, new paths of creativity open up, with different forms of

expression, more eloquent signs and words with new meaning for today’s



Let us, therefore, envision and pray about ways of renewing the

culture of faith within our own parishes and communities. Let us continue

to create communities where those who have been renewed can find con-

tinued nourishment and strength in their journey of faith.