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Chapter 24. Life in Christ—Part Two • 325


Catechism of the Catholic Church

presents to us the elements,

foundations, and principles that serve as a sturdy point of departure for

reflecting on Christian morality. This guidance from Christ brought to

us through the Church is designed to help us answer his invitation to be

holy, to be moral, to be fulfilled exactly in the way that God intended.

The previous chapter focused on the individual human being as called

to act morally. This chapter discusses morality as it pertains to the indi-

vidual as situated within a community.




Consciousness of Solidarity and Social Justice

An awareness of the social dimension of human life is an important prin-

ciple in understanding Christian morality, especially in light of the great

emphasis on individualism in our society. The social aspect of what it

means to be human is revealed in the natural inclination we have to seek

social interaction and establish community. This awareness serves as a

moral foundation for an attitude of solidarity with each other and leads

to a dedication to social justice for everyone. Our Gospel commitment

to Christ’s Kingdom of love, justice, and mercy always includes advocat-

ing and supporting fairness for all. God calls us to form community and

to correct both the symptoms and causes of injustice that rip apart the

solidarity of a community.

Before God gave the Commandments at Sinai, he entered into a cov-

enant of love with the community of Israel (cf. Ex 19:3-6). Once the

covenant was established, God gave the people the Ten Commandments

in order to teach them the way to live the covenant of love.

In Christ we have been called to a New Covenant and a New Law

that fulfills and perfects the Old Law. We also are invited to experience

God’s love for us and to return that love to God and to our neighbor.

Our love of neighbor includes our solidarity with the human community

and a commitment to social justice for all.