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Chapter 24. Life in Christ—Part Two • 335



is refraining from eating meat. The Church

identifies specific days and times of fasting and abstinence to

prepare the faithful for certain special feasts; such actions of

sacrifice can also help us to grow in self-discipline and

in holiness.

You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.

This means contributing to the support of the activities of

the Church with time, talent, and financial resources, each

according to their ability.


1. As you review fundamental elements of Christian moral living, which

ones gave you a new perspective on Christian moral life? How can

all of them become a regular part of the growth of your life in Christ

and the Spirit?

2. Moral life based on the teaching of Scripture flows from God’s lov-

ing plan for us. How does this correspond to your view of what the

moral life is about? How would you live out such a plan?

3. You are called to faithful assent to the Church’s teachings on faith

and morals.What challenges do you experience? How do you handle

them? What motivates you to be a morally good person?


• God’s divine law establishes our final destiny and the path to reach

it. God has planted within each of us the natural law that is a reflec-

tion of his divine law.

• The natural law is our rational apprehension of the created moral

order, an ability we have because we are made in God’s image. It

expresses our human dignity and forms the basis of our basic rights

and duties.