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428 • Part III. Christian Morality: The Faith Lived

. . . We must therefore ensure that in every Christian com-

munity the poor feel at home. Would not this approach be the

greatest and most effective presentation of the good news of the

Kingdom? Without this form of evangelization through char-

ity and without the witness of Christian poverty the proclama-

tion of the Gospel, which is itself the prime form of charity,

risks being misunderstood or submerged by the ocean of words

which daily engulfs us in today’s society of mass communica-

tions. The charity of works ensures an unmistakable efficacy to

the charity of words.

—NMI, nos. 49-50


Father, we honor the heart of your Son, broken by our cruelty,

yet symbol of love’s triumph, pledge of all that we are called

to be.

Teach us to see Christ in the lives we touch and to offer him

living worship

by love-filled service to our brothers and sisters.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

—Alternative Opening Prayer, Solemnity of the Sacred Heart



, 1973)

Let justice surge like water,

and goodness like an unfailing stream.

—Am 5:24