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Chapter 35. God Calls Us to Pray • 475

1. What are some erroneous conceptions of prayer?

Some people view prayer as a simple psychological activ-

ity, others as an effort of concentration to reach a mental

void. Still others reduce prayer to ritual words and pos-

tures. Many Christians unconsciously regard prayer as an

occupation that is incompatible with all the other things

they have to do. (CCC, no. 2726)

We must respond with humility, trust, and perseverance

to these temptations that cast doubt on the usefulness or

even the possibility of prayer. (CCC, no. 2753)

2. How is prayer connected to Christian life?

Prayer and

Christian life



, for they concern

the same love and the same renunciation, proceeding

from love; the same filial and loving conformity with the

Father’s plan of love; the same transforming union in the

Holy Spirit who conforms us more and more to Christ

Jesus; the same love for all men, the love with which Jesus

has loved us. (CCC, no. 2745)

3. What should we remember when our prayers

seem unanswered?

Do not be troubled if you do not receive immediately

from God what you ask him; for he desires to do some-

thing even greater for you, while you cling to him in

prayer. (CCC, no. 2737, citing Evagrius Ponticus,



, 34: PG 79, 1173)

Filial trust is put to the test when we feel that our prayer

is not always heard. The Gospel invites us to ask ourselves

about the conformity of our prayer to the desire of the

Spirit. (CCC, no. 2756)