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Chapter 35. God Calls Us to Pray • 479

Holy Spirit who helps us to draw near to Jesus. The Church invites us

to invoke the Holy Spirit as the interior teacher of Christian prayer.

• “Because of Mary’s singular cooperation with the action of the Holy

Spirit, the Church loves to pray in communion with the Virgin Mary,

to magnify with her the great things the Lord has done for her, and

to entrust supplications and praises to her” (CCC, no. 2682).

• The first teachers of prayer are parents or other members of the fam-

ily, the domestic church.

• Our guides for prayer within the Church include ordained ministers,

those in consecrated life, catechists, and spiritual directors.

• Places for prayer include the parish church, retreat centers and

shrines, the home, and many other circumstances that afford the

opportunity to pray.

• “The Church invites the faithful to regular prayer: daily prayers, the

Liturgy of the Hours, Sunday Eucharist, the feasts of the liturgical

year” (CCC, no. 2720).

• There are three kinds of prayer: vocal, meditative, and contemplative.

• Prayer requires humility, trust, and perseverance in order to battle

temptations that cast doubt on the usefulness or even the possibility

of prayer (see CCC, nos. 2726-2753).

• “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thes 5:17).


“I Shall Keep the Silence of My Heart”

I don’t think there is anyone who needs God’s help and grace

as much as I do. Sometimes I feel so helpless and so weak. I

think this is why God uses me. Because I cannot depend on my

own strength, I rely on him twenty-four hours a day. All of us

must cling to God through prayer. My secret is simple: I pray.

Through prayer I become one in love with Christ. I realize that

praying to him is loving him.

We cannot find God in noise or agitation. Nature: trees,

flowers and grass grow in silence. The stars, the moon, and the

sun move in silence. What is essential is not what we say but

what God tells others through us. In silence He listens to us;