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Chapter 36. Jesus Taught Us to Pray • 485

scribable intimacy (cf., e.g., Jn 14). “As proof that you are children, God

sent the spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying out, ‘Abba, Father!’’ (Gal


When we say “Our,” we recognize that we are a people bound

together by the New Covenant that God has made with us through his

Son in the Holy Spirit. While we are indeed individual persons, we are

also persons in communion with each other because we have been bap-

tized into communion with the Holy Trinity. The Our Father is a prayer

of the Church, hence we pray with the Church when we recite these

words, together calling God our Father.

Who Art in Heaven

“Who art in heaven” does not refer to a place but to

God’s majesty and his presence in the hearts of the

just. Heaven, the Father’s house, is the true homeland

toward which we are heading and to which, already,

we belong.

—CCC, no. 2802

Heaven is the culmination of our relationship with the Father, Son, and

Holy Spirit begun in Baptism.

The Seven Petitions

In the Our Father, the object of the first three petitions

is the glory of the Father: the sanctification of his name,

the coming of the kingdom, and the fulfillment of his

will. The four others present our wants to him: they ask

that our lives be nourished, healed of sin, and made vic-

torious in the struggle of good over evil.

—CCC, no. 2857

Hallowed Be Thy Name


means “to be made holy.”We do not make God’s name holy;

God is the source of his own holiness that is his perfection and glory.