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Chapter 36. Jesus Taught Us to Pray • 493


• “The Lord’s Prayer is the most perfect of prayers. . . . In it we ask, not

only for all the things we can rightly desire, but also in the sequence

that they should be desired. This prayer not only teaches us to ask

for things, but also in what order we should desire them” (CCC, no.

2763, citing St. Thomas Aquinas,

Summa Theologiae

, II-II, 83, 9).

• The Church includes the Our Father in her liturgies. The communal

praying of the Lord’s Prayer at Mass gathers up the intercessions

that accompany the consecration of the bread and wine into Christ’s

Body and Blood and prepares the worshipers for Holy Communion.

• The divine mystery is beyond our understanding and imagining. We

call God “Father” only because Jesus, the Son of God made man,

revealed him as such.

• Because of our union with Jesus through Baptism, we are given the

grace of an adopted, filial relationship with the Father. This begets

in us a new self-understanding based on this extraordinary intimacy

with the Father and the Son.

• Prayer to the Father inclines us to be like him and to acquire a

humble and trusting heart (cf. CCC, no. 2800).

• ‘Who art in heaven’ does not refer to a place but to God’s majesty

and his presence in the hearts of the just. Heaven, the Father’s house,

is the true homeland toward which we are heading and to which,

already, we belong” (CCC, no. 2802).

• “In the Our Father, the object of the first three petitions is the glory

of the Father: the sanctification of his name, the coming of the king-

dom and the fulfillment of his will. The four others present our

wants to him: they ask that our lives be nourished, healed of sin, and

made victorious in the struggle of good over evil” (CCC, no. 2857).


means “to be made holy.” We do not make God’s name

holy; God is the source of his own holiness that is his perfection and

glory. We hallow God’s name by showing honor, respect, and adora-

tion to God (cf. CCC, no. 2807). We give witness to God’s holiness

by doing his will, being people of prayer, and establishing the earthly

conditions by which God’s holiness is manifested.