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Appendix A. Glossary • 509

National Conference of Catholic

Bishops (now the United States

Conference of Catholic Bishops),

the Vatican’s Congregation for

Divine Worship and the Discipline

of the Sacraments published an

indult (Prot. 1589/96/L) giving to

each diocesan bishop in the United

States of America the right to allow

for the presence of the cremated

remains of a body at the full course

of Catholic funeral rites. Each dio-

cesan bishop has the right whether

or not to allow this practice.



Men ordained by the

bishop to serve. They receive the

Sacrament of Holy Orders but

not the ministerial priesthood.

Through ordination, the deacon is

conformed to the Christ who said

he came to serve, not to be served.

Deacons in the Latin Church may

baptize, read the Gospel, preach the

homily, assist the bishop or priest

in the celebration of the Eucharist,

assist at and bless marriages, and

preside at funerals. They dedicate

themselves to charitable endeavors,

which was their ministerial role in

New Testament times.


Another name for

the Ten Commandments.


A worldview that admits

that God created the world but

denies that he has any further

providential care or concern for it.

(See also “Providence.”)


The heri-

tage of faith contained in Sacred

Scripture and Tradition, handed

on in the Church from the time

of the Apostles, from which the

Magisterium draws all that it pro-

poses for belief as divinely revealed.


Angels who, in pride,

turned away from God and have

fallen from grace are named

demons or devils, and they tempt

human beings to sin.


Devotional prayer refers to the

numerous forms of personalized

prayer that have grown up outside,

but complementary to, the liturgical

prayer of the Church. (See Chapter

22 on “Sacramentals and Popular

Devotion.”) These devotions

include the rosary; the Stations of

the Cross; pilgrimages to shrines in

the Holy Land and Rome, Marian

shrines, and those dedicated to

saints; novenas; litanies; and similar

expressions of faith.


Name given in the New

Testament to all those men and