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516 • Conclusion and Appendices



“What God has

joined together, no human being

must separate” (Mk 10:9). God’s

plan for marriage is a permanent

covenant embraced by the spouses,

hence the bond is indissoluble—not

able to be dissolved (cf. CIC, can.

1055; CCEO, can. 776).


The remission of

temporal punishment due to sin,

granted to the faithful who recite

specified prayers, visit a specified

place of pilgrimage, or engage in

a specified act of charity; punish-

ment is remitted through the power

of the Church and in the mutual

exchange of spiritual goods, par-

ticularly the merits of Christ and

the saints.


Because the authors

of Sacred Scripture were inspired by

God, the saving meaning or truth

found in the Scriptures cannot be

wrong. (See also “Inspiration.”)


This is the gift

of the Holy Spirit to the Church

whereby the pastors of the

Church—the pope, and bishops

in communion with him—can

definitively proclaim a doctrine of

faith and morals, which is divinely

revealed for the belief of the faith-

ful. This gift flows from the grace

of the whole body of the faithful

not to err in matters of faith and

morals. The pope teaches infallibly

when he declares that his teach-

ing is

ex cathedra

(literally, “from

the throne”); that is, he teaches as

supreme pastor of the Church.


This is the divine

assistance given to the human

authors of the books of Sacred

Scripture. Guided by the Holy

Spirit, the human authors made

full use of their talents and abilities

while, at the same time, writing the

truth that God intended.



An attitude related

to envy as well as greed; a jealous

person is possessive of what one has

or thinks one should have, as well

as resentful toward others for what

they have.


The name given to the Son

of God, the Second Person of the

Trinity. This name, which means

“God Saves,” was revealed to both

the Blessed Virgin Mary and to St.

Joseph (cf. Lk 1:31; Mt 1:21).


Just War

is the term

used for the proper use of military

force to defend against an unjust

aggressor. The strict conditions for

engaging in a just war are known

as the Just War Conditions. These