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Index • 601

saving gifts of Christ encountered

in: xx

of St. John Chrysostom: 50, 61

Sundays and the celebration of:

172-73, 175, 178

use of signs, symbols, and rituals:

171-72, 175, 177

Living wills:



invoking the name of the Lord: 256

the title: 85

see also God; Jesus Christ

Lord’s Day:


see also Sunday

The Lord’s Prayer:

xxii, 481-95,


as addressed to God the Father:


as asking God to safeguard us from

the path of sin: 488

as begging God’s mercy for our

offenses: 484, 488

to be prayed with confidence that

God will hear and answer:

467, 481

and coming of the Kingdom:

486, 494

context in which it is to be prayed

as given by Jesus: 481-83

and the Eucharist: 483, 493

as given by Jesus to his disciples:

467, 482

as imploring the Spirit of

discernment and strength: 488

as integral part of sacramental

liturgies: 483, 493

as most perfect of prayers: 482, 493

and our material needs: 487

as prayer for the things we ought to

desire in the order we ought to

desire them: 482, 493

as prayer of the Church: 485

as prayer to show forth the victory

already won by Christ over the

“ruler of the world,” Satan:

489, 494

as requesting the grace of vigilance

and final perseverance: 488

seven petitions of: 485-89

as summary of the whole

Gospel: 490

as uniting our will to that of Jesus

so as to fulfill the work of

salvation in the world: 486

Lord’s Supper:

see Eucharist, Holy



Christ’s command to love as door

to whole supernatural order: 286

Christ’s love: 7, 85, 129

Baptism of Desire and: 192

Christ, the Incarnation, as loving

with a human heart: 18, 86

uniting personal love and the

love of Christ in marriage: 286

uniting the Church, the Body of

Christ: 85, ass

witnessing to the love of Jesus

and the truths of the faith: 17

for enemies: 321

filial: 375, 377, 380,


as fruit of the Holy Spirit (see Fruits

of the Holy Spirit)

God as source of all: 67

God’s love: 9, 14, 39, 62-63, 78,

86, 345

as cause for creation: 53

creation as a witness to: 53, 56-57

experienced by human beings

through Jesus Christ and the

Holy Spirit: 19

and friendship for us: 13, 36

God as wanting to relate to

us: 119

“God is love”: 51, 61

as ground of our hope: 495

for Israel: 51

justification as the most excellent

work of: 336

our salvation as coming from: 57

poured into our hearts by the

Holy Spirit: 286

power of God’s love to transform

society: 500

revealed in Jesus Christ, in the

Incarnation (see Incarnation)