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Chapter 3. Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature • 31

The Pontifical Biblical Commission lists five unacceptable assumptions

found in forms of scriptural interpretation:

1. the denial of a supernatural order;

2. the denial of God’s intervention in the world

through revelation;

3. the denial of the possibility and existence of miracles;

4. the incompatibility of faith with historical truth;

5. an almost

a priori

denial of the historical value of the

nature of the documents of revelation. (Pontifical Biblical


Historical Truth of the Gospels

[1964], no. 5)

The Church approaches Scripture as God’s revealed Word. Its

authors wrote under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is more than a human work; it is God’s words put into human

words. It will always be a fountain of faith for those who read it in a

spirit of prayer.


1. Read again Blessed John XXIII’s thoughts about sharing and spread-

ing the faith in a more effective way. How would they help you

share your faith with others? What is both consoling and challeng-

ing about the way God has chosen to transmit his Revelation?

2. Why might you say it makes perfect sense for Jesus to commis-

sion followers to carry on his saving vision? How do leaders of the

Catholic Church continue the vision of Jesus in our times?

3. How does the Church help you to understand the Bible? How do the

bishops in communion with the pope ensure that the full and living

Gospel will always be preserved in the Church?


• Jesus Christ, the fullness of Revelation, entrusted his mission to the

Apostles. They transmitted Christ’s Gospel through their witness,

preaching, and writing—under the guidance of the Holy Spirit—

meant for all peoples until Christ comes in glory.