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Index • 609

Old age:

see Elderly;

specific topics

Old Testament:

xiv, 24, 32, 56,


canon of the Scriptures and the: 24

Christ’s presence in: 104

the Church’s reading of the: 104

communicated to Moses: 328, 336

covenants as preparing for the

Church: 14, 122, 235,


full meaning revealed in the Sermon

on the Mount: 328

God revealing himself in: 12

God’s family as formed in: 122, 133

God the Father in: 104, 484

“Golden Rule” as summary of (see

“Golden Rule”)

Holy Spirit’s presence in: 104

Jesus as fulfilling and revealing its

ultimate meaning: 80

Jesus as showing the full meaning

of all that had been revealed in:

92, 321, 328,


love of God and love of neighbor

rooted in the Law: 328

not abolished by Jesus: 328

the People of God in the: 120

prayer in: 464-66

preparation for the Church in:

113, 122

prepared the world for the

Gospel: 336

as preparing the world for the

Gospel: 328, 336

priesthood of the: 264

prophecies of the Messiah: 203

revealed law in: 326, 336,


reveals God as one, unique, without

equal: 51, 61

revered as holy but in need of God’s

grace for its fulfillment: 328

rituals in: 215-16

salvation and: 18

sin and God’s mercy in: 235

the Son as proclaimed obscurely

in: 104

the Ten Commandments: 326

(see under Commandments)

unity with the New Testament:

24, 30

worship in: 363

see also Scripture, Sacred;

specific topics



Ordained ministry:

see Orders,

Sacrament of Holy

Orders, Sacrament of Holy:



bishop as minister of: 267, 274

builds up the common priesthood

of the faithful: 264, 274

call to holiness and attitude of

humility that conforms recipient

to Christ: 265

celibacy and Holy Orders:

270-71, 274

effects of

capacity to act as Christ’s

representative: 265

capacity to act in the name of the

Church: 265

confers a gift of the Holy Spirit

that permits the exercise of a

“sacred power”: 264-65, 273

confers the ministerial priesthood

of Jesus Christ: 263, 265-66,

268, 273-74

goals and significance of:

264-65, 274

God’s call to the ordained

ministry: 269

Holy Spirit guaranteeing that

the minister’s sin does not

impede the effectiveness of the

Sacrament and its graces: 265

indelible character of: 271

power to forgive sins: 236

as not preserving the ordained from

weakness and sin: 265

Old Testament prefiguring of: 264

as one of the Seven Sacraments:

119, 169, 329

presence of Christ as head of the

Church made visible in the midst

of the community of

believers: 265