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How to Cover the Catholic Church

comments from the bishop of Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Looking at Christians in

the Middle East? Search for interviews with the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem.

La Civiltà Cattolica

(Catholic Civilization) is an influential, biweekly

Jesuit journal. While strictly speaking it’s not a Vatican publication, articles

are reviewed by the Vatican Secretariat of State before they go to press. English

summaries of individual issues can be found at . To

receive a newsletter via e-mail, send a request to

civcatt@laciviltacattolica .it .

The magazine often runs pieces on topical matters, such as church leaders

intervening in public debate, the risks of virtual reality, and freedom of reli-

gion for Christians living in predominantly Muslim countries.

Catholic News Service

, the Washington-based news agency of the U.S.

Conference of Catholic Bishops, maintains a well-staffed bureau in Rome. For

news from the Vatican, go to the home page

( ) an


click on the Vatican section. Most of the key stories are available on the Web

site for free. It’s a good idea to monitor the site daily, as CNS keeps abreast

of all Vatican news, breaks down complex topics into easily understandable

terms and provides good background on a host of church-related issues.

If you’re in Rome,

pontifical universities

are great repositories of infor-

mation. Run by the Jesuits, the Gregorian—or “the Greg,” as it’s affectionately

known locally—and its associatedPontifical Biblical Institute canbeparticularly


( ). Th

e Lateran

( ), Sa


( ),

St. Thomas Aquinas (also called the Angelicum, ), an

d Holy

Cross Universities

( ) ar

e also good places to drum up sources.

For an excellent specialized source on Islam, try the Pontifical Insitute for

Arabic and Islamic Studies

( ). M

ore specifics are contained in the



English-speaking seminaries

, the North American College (NAC) first

among them, can be effective resources as well. Keep them in mind for stories

on vocations and clergy, and see if anyone from back home might be study-

ing at the NAC.

For the Pontifical North American College

( ), p



For the Venerable English College

( ), ph


06-686-5808 or 8546.

For the Pontifical Irish College

( ), ph

one 06-772-631.

For the Pontifical Scots College

( ), ph

one 06-336-6801.

Almost all

religious orders

maintain a house in Rome, and for many

that house is their main international headquarters. The bigger ones like the

Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans, Benedictines and Paulists have press liai-

sons. They can be helpful, especially if back home a certain order is particu-