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Appendix A. Glossary • 515

bishop ordains a man to be con-

formed to Jesus Christ by grace,

to service and leadership in the

Church. A man can be ordained a

deacon, priest, or bishop. Through

this Sacrament, the mission

entrusted by Christ to his Apostles

continues to be exercised in the

Church. This Sacrament confers a

permanent mark or character on

the one who receives it.


The Third Person

of the Trinity who builds up, ani-

mates, and sanctifies the Church

and her members.


: The Theological Virtue

through which a person both

desires and expects the fulfillment

of God’s promises of things

to come.



A form of sacred art

developed in the Eastern Churches.

The artists consider their calling a

sacred vocation. Their works have a

mystical impact meant to draw the

one praying beyond the picture into

the realm of the divine.


God has made

us in his image by giving us the

capacity for intelligence, love, free-

dom, and conscience. By Baptism,

our bodies are made temples of the

Holy Spirit.


A dogma of the Church that teaches

that Mary was conceived without

Original Sin due to the anticipated

redemptive graces of her Son, Jesus.


“The Church

teaches that every spiritual soul is

created immediately by God—it is

not ‘produced’ by the parents—and

also that it is immortal: it does

not perish when it separates from

the body at death and it will be

united with the body at the final

Resurrection” (CCC, no. 366).


By the

Incarnation, the Second Person

of the Holy Trinity assumed our

human nature, taking flesh in the

womb of the Virgin Mary There is

one Person in Jesus and that is the

divine Person of the Son of God.

Jesus has two natures, a human one

and a divine one.


The Lord

Jesus ensures that his Church will

remain until the Kingdom is fully

achieved. Indefectibility means

that the Church does not and can-

not depart from proclaiming the

authentic Gospel without error in

spite of the defects of her members.