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Appendix A. Glossary • 511

Church, focused in Rome, is some-

times called the Latin Church. All

individual churches, Eastern or

Western, that are in communion

with the Apostolic See (Rome)

are part of the Catholic Church.


This is

a gathering of the world’s bishops,

exercising their collegial authority

over the universal Church in union

with the pope.


The efforts among

all Christians to bring about the

fulfillment of Christ’s will for the

unity of his followers.


The name given to those

who are already with the Lord

Jesus in heaven. It also can refer to

catechumens who are in the final

stage of formation prior to entering

the Church.


One of the Capital Sins; it is

the inordinate desire for the posses-

sions of another, even to the point

of wishing harm on the other or

rejoicing in another’s misfortunes.


During the celebration of the

Eucharist, the priest invokes the

Father to send the Holy Spirit to

come upon the gifts of bread and

wine that they may be changed

into Christ’s Body and Blood. In

every Sacrament, the prayer asking

for the sanctifying power of God’s

Holy Spirit is an




The office

of bishop.


During the celebration of the Mass,

by the power of the Holy Spirit and

the proclamation of Jesus’ words by

the priest, the bread and wine are

changed into the Body and Blood

of Christ, which is offered in an

unbloody manner in sacrifice for

us and in praise to the Father. The

assembly actively participates by

prayers, hymns, psalms, responses,

and an inner self-offering along

with Christ to the Father. All who

are properly prepared can receive

Holy Communion, by which Jesus

gradually transforms the receivers

into himself and which leads them

to Gospel witness in the world.


An action or an

omission which purposely results in

the death of sick, disabled, or dying

persons. Regardless of the motives

or means, it is always gravely

wrong and morally unacceptable.


Those vows taken by men or

women who enter religious life;

there are three vows: poverty, chas-

tity, and obedience.